• Engine Cleaner Spray
    Mould Release
    Contains a light duty silicone that is ideal for cold molds.
    Meets international regulation as a release agent in the manufacture of products...
  • Dashboard Remover Spray
    Transparent Grease
    General purpose lubricant spray with fast penetration, high holding
    on the surfaces. Widely used in industrial areas as a general lubricant
    as well as at homes where lubrication needed...
  • Brake Cleaner Spray
    Brake Cleaner
    Specially designed for the cleaning of all types of brake, brake parts
    in particular segments, brake shoes, drums, clumps, skids, cylinders
    and springs...
  • Rust Remover Spray
    Rust Remover
    Can be used all metal surfaces effected by rust due to water and
    humidity. The stuck nut, bolt, hand tools, hunting equipments, bicycle and motorcycle
    parts, door and wardrobe hinges and all metal surfaces...



16 October 2014
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12 October 2014
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3 October 2014
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